Thursday, February 01, 2007

The prodigal blogger returns...

Your eyebrows can stop furrowing now: I've returned to make this site anew. But you probably feel slightly betrayed, slightly ignored, and for that I apologize. I was busy...and lazy, and what an ugly, shameful combination that is, no? And now it's like,"Who IS Po-mo Broad 22 now?!? Does she still drink chais and eat holiday cookies? Or has she moved onto sanka and Trisquits?!? I mean, do we have anything in common anymore?" Strangers, we are not. I'm still the old spiteful, shallow, sarcastic twenty-something year old girl with way too much time on her hands in the middle of the afternoon.

But to wet your appetites for the big stuff, here is a list of all my new interests/faves that I have procured over the past couple of months:

1.)Mac and cheese from Choice Market (Lafayette Ave. and Grand--Fort Greene Brooklyn)...they make a mean holiday cookie, as well.
2.)My boyfriend
3.)French bulldogs
4.)"Studio 60" Mondays; "Veronica Mars" Tuesdays (do not try to contact me between the hours of 8-11 p.m., on any given weekday night)
5.)Vanilla chocolate chip ice cream
6.)Me & Ro jewelry
7.)Anything designed or imagined by Jane Mayle
8.)"Young & the Restless": I watch the epis like a desperate hausfrau on my days off
9.)67 Burgers
10.)Jennifer Hudson
11.)Siegerson Morrison boots
12.)Atlanta, Georgia
13.)Rapper, T.I.
14.)Model newcomer, Chanel Iman
15.)Hanging out with my brother and his fiance
16.)Steven Alan ruffled panties
18.)White wine (whole bottles of the stuff)
19.)Black celeb gossip blogs: because who else is going to cover Vivica A. Fox's plastic surgery mishaps? And more importantly, who else is gonna' care...
20.)The six "B's philosophy" (more on that later....)
21.)Diptyque candles
22.)San Pellegrino Aranciatas
23.)El DeBarge
24.)Pre-natal chic, i.e. trapeze dresses, mu-mu's, baby-doll sweaters, etc.
25.)Biscuits and eggs in bed
26.)"Girlfriends" Season 1 on DVD
27.)3.1 Phillip Lim FW 07 collection
28.)My Isabel Marant coat
29.)History on Brooklyn