Friday, September 01, 2006

#1 Black Male Fantasy Strikes Again

Just had to give my love, Mos Def, a shout-out for locating and performing sites of resistance outside last night's VMA's. Performing his free-style song, "Katrina Clap", a scathing critique on the Bush administration's weak-ass response to the Katrina disaster, police ordered him to shut down his impromptu concert--and he refused. Arrests followed, and my heart swelled. What a mother-effin' soldier.... Here's the official report on the matter:

Mos Def, according to authorities, stopped off at RCMH in a flatbed truck around 10 p.m. for an impromptu show for the audience gathered there. An NYPD spokesperson said officers asked him and members of his entourage to shut it down.

But before police took action, Mos Def performed ?Katrina Clap,? described as a freestyle indictment of the Bush administration?s slow response to last year?s hurricane victims in New Orleans.

A source told MTV that officers then approached the rapper demanding the operation be stopped immediately (on the grounds that a permit had not been issued). The order wasn?t communicated to Mos Def immediately, so the rapper didn?t end his performance right away, the source said. Police then began making arrests, including the rapper, his entourage and his brother.