Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I Heart Smashley

Well, well, if it isn't Ashley "Smashley" Olsen on the cover of Nylon lookin' all indie/hipster chic. I cannot hate, though. The girl is a fashion icon, if we like it or not. Am truly a happy girl that this whole homage to derelicts is over and done with, however. Was getting quite tired of little white girls throwing on cashmere blankets and ratty Havanias, and calling it "a look." Sounds like a result of neo-liberal guilt, no? Dressing up like the help to somehow equalize the playing field? Hmm.... Anyhoo, must track down the threadbare white tank she's donning in this photo-shoot. Afterwhich, I will sport with my skinny black jeans and rosy pout. Wavy hair and forlorn gaze, optional.


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