Wednesday, May 31, 2006

"That's like me marrying Mos Def!"

Maybe this is redundant, but Kelis is my doppelganger; just my split parallel soul, y'know? And considering I'm technically "poor", I don't have access to such technological amenities as cable or MTV, so I had yet to see the video for her new single, "Bossy." Until now.... I mean, I don't understand how you could not respect a person who understands the true importance of high-waisted jeans, asymmetrical haircuts, and blue poodles. I mean, really. I also amused myself with the "Making of 'Bossy'", which further convinces me that if Kelis and I ever met, it would simply be too much fierceness(?) for the edifice in which we would clearly be partying. Check out her blase Valley Girl accent in this interview (see the link above); I couldn't stop laughing when she announced, "Um, so I have dinner reservations...."


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