Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bass...Uh...Hi Hat...Uh...808...Uh...

So I took a little hiatus from writing and I apologize, but y'know, a girl's gotta' work and play and sometimes blogging impedes those things from happening. Though, I mean, who am I kidding? I could blog at work. Fuck, I SHOULD blog at work considering how big of an outcast I am, y'know, what with being twenty-three and having a fast metabolism. Shocking, just SHOCKING that thirty-year old women would hold that against me. But hey, at least I came to resolve my issues with Beyonce and actually became friends with the broad (like, culturally). Yeah, you heard it right: me and more beef. Though personally I would lay off the blonde hair dye and the matching, coordinating, Mama Knowles original wardrobe choices, I think Beyonce is amazing, and she's years beyond every one of her contemporaries. I am genuinely happy for her and Jigga, and y'know, there are only so many beautiful stars of color who have as much clout, that I gotta' respect. And y'know, if a girl wants to rock a chinchilla now and then, let her. Just let her. Don't pounce on a girl when she's trying to order some sashimi rolls; that's just tacky.


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