Thursday, July 20, 2006

Breezy, easy Thursdays

Hum-drum goes my life. Thank goodness for minor celeb-sightings:
**Had lunch (like, culturally) with supermodel, Jessica Stam at my favorite Mexican food spot in the city, La Esquina. Jessica: not that skinny; not that tall; not that special. Her career success amazes me, considering we are practically the same height and weight--and no one is handing me ad campaign offers. Always get her and Gemma Ward mixed up, which is bizarre, considering Gemma is light years beyond Miss. Stam. I think it's the alliteration of their names that confuses me....
**Had a chai with Doug E. Doug (oh yes, THE Doug E. Doug; don't front!) at my favorite coffeeshop in Fort Greene. He's got the "neo-black soul" thing down pat, with the baby, unpicked 'fro and thick "Poindexter" glasses. My favorite barista was encouraging me to talk to him, but y'know, what DO you say to a cultural icon like that? I mean, how do you at all begin a conversation about "Cool Runnings"?


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