Friday, May 26, 2006

Varsity sweaters

Going to Providence in the morning and I am pretty damn excited to see my babies graduate from college. They've been complaining about how bored they are, although it's Senior Week; I feel sorry for them, because they have no fucking clue how bored they'll be in a few months, when they're home in the middle of the day, updating their blogs, while searching for a job on like Craigslist...or whatever. Not too excited to be surrounded by underage hipster fucks again, though. I mean, seriously, sometimes a house party can feel like an American Apparel ad.

Speaking of hipster fucks, there has been a lot of broo-ha over Sophia Coppola's new film, "Marie Antoinette", premiering at Cannes. The French panned the film, leaving the walking Marc Jacobs-ad-of- a-director to say she never intended to make a film about the French Revolution. From the looks of the trailer, Sophia really intended to gather all the most indie-licious folks in Hollywood together to validate each other, and engage in some healthy verbal and aesthetic masturbation. I'm in.

And finally, take a look at my favorite Brown alum, Ms. Tracee Ellis Ross. I would kill to be her PA.


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