Monday, July 24, 2006

1.) Sweat, 2.) Grind, 3.) Pop music

It's so odd to say, but summer is over. While cats in Queens have been without A/C and power for a week, I've been dreaming of Loeffler Randall knee-high boots and Phillip Lim cashmere sweater-dresses here in Brooklyn. I know I'm not alone on this one.... Although, artists have been dropping amazing music WEEKLY which keeps me breaking out my denim cut-offs. Whenever I hear any of the tracks on Nelly Furtado's new album, "Loose", I can't help but shake my ass in front of the mirror. Ciara's new track, "Get Up", is just sexy and fresh--though, some have unjustly dismissed it as "One, Two Step 2.0". Pharrell's new album, "In My Mind" was leaked last week and I've pretty much fallen for every song on the album; "Raspy Shit" and "Young Girl" are fun and transportive, and if listened to closely, thinly veiled accounts of our relationship. Weirdly, I've already played out Justin Timberlake's (a.k.a. "My number one white-male fantasy") "SexyBack." Don't get me wrong: the record is sick, but it is equally monotonous, so even if you hear it once, you feel like you've BEEN hearing it. Jessica Simpson's new joint, "A Public Affair" is unadulterated bullshit; too bad, because the video is fucking hi-larious. Haven't paid much attention to Miss. X-tina's, "Ain't No Other Man" single or her derivative homage to Marilyn Monroe; everything about this album seems so forced and the result of cultural pillaging. Not a fan. My secret indulgence? Fergie's leaked single, "London Bridge", from her up-coming solo album. Judge me if you must, but it's ridiculous; it makes you want to sweat and grind and that's really all I request out of a good pop track. Rihanna's, "S.O.S." is still amazing and I laugh everytime I hear it, knowing already-washed up Christina Milian passed on that song. A little less bitchin' about Nick Cannon's cheatin' ass and a little more singing will do, Miss. Milian.


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